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About us

Our story

When it comes to home decorations, we know that people want to be able to have the best options in order to give their home the best possible look. Warm and Cushy was born out of the ideas shared by a group of people who love home decorations and believe in the power of a home that is both appealing to the owners and to the visitors.

We have been involved in the home décor business for a very long time and we will continue to ensure the same quality that has been characteristic of our services. Our team is going to continue to work hard on keeping a store that is always going to provide what the clients need.

Our mission

We know that maintaining the perfect home décor catalog is not going to be an easy task, but what we want the most is to be able to provide truly outstanding customer service and the promise of an online store that is always going to have availability with the items that they showcase.

This became our priority when we started seeing many online stores that display items on their catalogs that are out of stock. This can be a huge time waster for people who are browsing around and expecting to get a certain item from the store. We guarantee that any time our store is missing an item, we will delete that item from the catalog until more supplies are made available. 

Our values

We hold the values of integrity, honesty, and responsibility are the pillars of our business and we aim to keep them as the most essential aspect of our business. Warm and Cushy is always going to aim to ensure the best results with impeccable core values in mind.

We hope you enjoy your visit, and if you have any additional questions about our company, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for visiting!